How to Embed a Calendar

How to add a Google calendar
First, you need to find the URL for your Google calendar

1.       Navigate to your calendar [at]

2.       Click the "Settings" link in the upper-right corner of the screen

3.       Locate the calendar you wish to embed and click the "Edit Settings:" link under the "Sharing" column

4.       Click the "Calendar Details" tab

5.       Scroll down to the "Calendar Address" section

6.       Click the "HTML" button (NOTE: Make sure you are NOT clicking the HTML button in the "Private Address" section)

7.       Copy the URL

Then, embed the calendar in a page:

8.       Log into your Google Site

9.       Navigate to the page on which you would like to embed the calendar(s)

10.    Click the Edit Page button

11.    Place the cursor where you would like to embed the calendar

12.    Select Calendar from the Edit toolbar's Insert menu

13.    Paste in the calendar's URL from the section above

14.    Adjust the settings of your calendar to suit your layout needs

15.    Click the Save button